Mission Statement

“Our mission is to play our part in building a sustainable society, by delivering tourism services that embody our commitments to conservation and support for local communities. Jans Tours will constantly strive to learn, improve, and grow developing our practices, products, and services with conservation in mind and community awareness at heart. We are determined to demonstrate ethical tourism standards in all operations, characterized by collaboration between partners, guests, hosts and operators, so we can all work together towards a brighter, greener future.”

Sustainability Management

Jans Tours features a dedicated sustainability team, in which each member plays a different role and works on specific tasks according to the instructions of the Sustainability Coordinator. Together, they strive to ensure Jans Tours meets its sustainability targets. Team members are selected based on their experience, their knowledge of sustainability issues, their passion for the field, and their demonstrable ability to turn these values into affirmative action. The team’s main activities include action planning, reporting and evaluation of sustainability initiatives.

Working in tandem with upper management, the Sustainability Coordinator develops and implements Jans Tours’ sustainability policy. This position is the first point of contact for training, policy and the collective actions of the company with regards to sustainability practices. The Sustainability Coordinator ensures all employees receive adequate sustainability training and supervises the practical implementation of such information in daily operations. They are also responsible for disseminating sustainability information and materials to all members of the company, in order to synergize sustainability efforts across all departments. With a combination of internal announcements, training and public communications, Jans Tours ensures all its representatives are on the same page when it comes to sustainability policy and objectives.

Human Rights & Ethical Business Practices

Jans Tours complies with local, national, and international legal requirements in relation to issues such as health and safety, anti-bribery and corruption, labour, and environmental concerns. Strict vetting processes are in place to ensure compliance by employees, partners and affiliates, while instances of non-compliance initiate a set of clearly defined protocols. This approach extends to other members of the local tourism industry; Jans Tours adheres to anti-trust legislation and avoids unfair competition. Employees and partners are free to enter and discontinue their employment with the company through their own free will, in accordance with their contract. To ensure equal employment opportunities, Jans Tours does not discriminate in terms of gender, race, age, disability, ethnicity, religion, or sexual orientation in relation to recruitment, conditions of employment, access to training and senior positions, or promotion within the organization.

Child Protection

Jans Tours ensures that no children are employed in any capacity by the organization. In addition, the organization collaborates with several local charities to combat child exploitation in the communities showcased by Jans Tours’ products and services. Employees are trained to recognize potentially harmful environments, circumstances and individuals who could pose a threat to local children, and are encouraged to report such instances through the proper channels.

Health & Safety

Jans Tours’ health and safety policy encompasses first aid training, emergency procedures and client safety. The overall policy complies with legal standards and ensures best practice throughout the organization. Accidents are reported and studied in order to ensure that lessons are learned and operations are maintained to the highest possible safety standard.

Energy, Water, Waste & Pollution Reduction

The use of electricity in the Jans Tours’ office is regulated and monitored during working hours, and all non-essential systems and appliances – such as air-conditioning, electrical lights and devices – are switched off and unplugged outside of working hours. In addition, water use is monitored and recorded, with consumption levels minimized through the implementation of water saving initiatives wherever possible.

To reduce the amount of paper the company uses, email is prioritised over paper correspondence, with double-sided printing and recycling implemented in the case of hard copies. Jans Tours preserve email communication with partners and clients in digital version and brochures and promotional materials are presented to clients in digital form whenever possible. In addition to being recycled, paper is sourced from sustainable providers, while printers use efficient ink print settings as standard. The monthly usage of paper is monitored, recorded and evaluated by the sustainability team, with the goal of reducing paper consumption.

Jans Tours discourages single-use plastic bottles and bags in offices. Clients are no longer provided with bottled mineral water, but instead encouraged to use sustainable alternatives. Cleaning materials used on site are also selected with a sustainability bias; those found to include harmful agents, ingredients or production processes deemed harmful to the environment are overlooked in favour of more eco-friendly alternatives. Jans Tours endeavours to minimise noise, light, ozone pollution and erosion, while also finding alternatives to harmful substances that can be detrimental to the environment.


As a rule, Jans Tours purchases locally produced products, such as Balinese tea and coffee for employees, and environmentally friendly cleaning products for its offices. Such purchases are made in bulk, in order to standardize their use and reduce the carbon footprint of deliveries. Whenever possible preference is given to goods and services that are locally produced, fair trade and organic with a low carbon footprint.


Jans Tours offers supplementary promotional opportunities to suppliers who can demonstrate a like-minded commitment to sustainability in their operations. Continued affiliation is dependent upon regular appraisal of the relationship with regards to sustainability. Jans Tours also looks beyond the borders of its business operations, for guidance from international sustainability watchdogs and monitoring bodies, to ensure that the highest possible standards are being implemented and adhered to. This remains an on-going process, with new lessons being learned and fruitful new partnerships forged all the time.


Staff business travel is generally discouraged at Jans Tours, where all employees are encouraged to use public transportation wherever possible. Employees of Jans Tours are encouraged to replace business trips with online meetings with partners instead. Furthermore, Jans Tours’ drivers and transport providers are trained about sustainable practices and encourage to shut off vehicle’s engines whenever they are not in transit. Clients are aware about tours with sustainable transport options wherever possible.


Jans Tours makes sure that all suppliers are informed of the company’s sustainability policy and encourages them to participate in on-going green initiatives. Potential accommodation partners must pass a process of self-evaluation, during which their sustainability credentials are assessed and affiliation with Jans Tours dependent on adherence to these criteria. Pre-existing sustainability certification, or compliance with third-party sustainability guidelines are deemed positive attributes. Preferences are given to those accommodations which comply with sustainability standards whenever possible. Jans Tours regularly assists its accommodation providers in self-evaluating their operations with regards to sustainability, supporting them on their journey to more sustainable practices.

Activities & Excursions

Tours, packages, and experiences offered by Jans Tours are focused on sustainable travel and support ethical projects wherever possible. From the creation of these products through to their completion and delivery to clients, all representatives of Jans Tours are committed to upholding human rights and environmental considerations. The company offers no activities that harm humans, animals, plants or natural resources, or those which are socially/culturally unacceptable. Sustainability clauses are included in contracts with excursion and activity providers, with support provided to help them improve their standards where necessary.