As part of a diverse tourism ecosystem operating in Indonesia, our mission is to play an integral role in maintaining the sustainability of the world around us, from the communities with whom we collaborate, to the natural environments in which we explore. To achieve this aim, all our operations, products and relationships are geared towards the health, wealth and sustainability of the tourism sector in Indonesia.

Everyone at Jans Tours has a passion for travel. We take pride in showcasing our homeland; celebrating the natural and cultural wonders of Indonesia, while also helping to preserve these treasures for future generations. All guests are educated in the cultural significance of the rituals they encounter, and the fragility of the ecology around them.

By supporting local actors and encouraging foreign guests to get involved, we are determined to play a positive and lasting role in both the preservation and celebration of Indonesian heritage. Together, we will keep Indonesia green, clean and magical for many years to come.

Translating Words Into Action

At Jans Tours, we have a dedicated sustainability team, who devote their time and expertise to making our vision for responsible travel a reality. Diverse and devoted, each member of this team plays an integral role in ensuring Jans operations play a positive role in tourism.

All focus their energy into action planning, reporting and evaluation of sustainability initiatives, to help us identify areas for improvement and create new pathways for eco-friendly development. Through regular training, meetings and initiatives, our sustainability team is constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible.

Small Changes, Big Difference

We believe in building better. Even the smallest of changes, when taken together over time, can have an accumulative impact. That’s why Jans Tours spread our network of sustainability initiatives as far and as wide as we can; to plant seeds of change in multiple sectors and nurture the growth of positive developments for as many people and places as we can. Here are a few areas in which we look to make a difference:

Products & Marketing


Private Public Partnerships

Energy, Water, Waste and Pollution Reduction

Health and Safety Protocols

Animal Welfare


Excursions & Activities


Human Rights and Ethical Business Practices

Child Protection

Community Development

The Road Ahead

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We’re constantly looking for ways we can expand our knowledge, develop our credentials, learn and improve. We collaborate with partners that can help us extend our positive influence or teach us something new; we embed ourselves in communities where we can be inspired and useful; we create products that embody our ethos and strive to be the change we seek.

We invite travellers to join us on our sustainability journey. See you on the road ahead!