At Jans, we believe the world just looks better on two wheels. Cycling gives you the freedom of the open road, while also being a green and healthy way to travel. The many rice fields, villages, mountains and coastal paths of Indonesia offer an idyllic backdrop for cycle trips, while friendly locals are always ready to welcome the weary with a cup of tea or coffee. Saddle up with us and set off to explore!

Culinary Experiences

Indonesia cuisine is as complex, diverse and satisfying as the country itself. The nation has long been a hub for travel and trade, where flavours have blown in with the monsoon winds for thousands of years. The result is an eclectic melting pot of international culinary influences; from India and the Middle East, to China, Vietnam and Thailand; every plate in the archipelago has a story to tell. Jans lifts the lid on Indonesia’s culinary wonders, introducing you to an array of unique flavors, recipes and kitchen secrets; through cooking classes, banquets, festivals and tasting sessions, we serve up an irresistible taste of Indonesia.

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Snorkeling & Diving

With over 80,000 kilometers of coastline threading through the coral triangle, Indonesia is a vast, watery wonderland for snorkelers and divers. In these fertile seas, you will find 3,000 species of fish and 600 types of coral, along with a turtles, wales, dolphins and sharks. For snorkelers, Indonesia’s beaches and shallow reefs are a sun-kissed playground, bustling with tropical fish, octopus and crustaceans; beyond the drop-off, divers will discover awe-inspiring shipwrecks and wall dives.


Wellness & Spa

If you’re looking to detox, refresh and relax, there’s really nowhere better than Indonesia. Here you’ll find ancient healing traditions, interwoven with modern therapy and delivered with graceful devotion to your wellbeing. Combining yoga, meditation, nutrition, massage, beauty therapy and a range of holistic spa treatments, our tours are the perfect tonic for body and soul; complemented by beautiful tropical scenery and the warmth of an Indonesian welcome, these wellness getaways are sure to leave you feeling revitalized.

City Tours

Dive into the markets of Denpasar, explore the palace of a Sultan’s in Yogya, or hope on a Bajaj and zip through the back streets of Jakarta; Indonesia’s major cities combine all the glitz and glamour of modernity, with timeless historical treasures thrown in for good measure. From the wartime relics of Surabaya to the colonial charm of Bandung; Indonesian cities are well worth a visit. With years of experience, Jans Tours is your perfect guide for some urban adventures.


The spice islands of Indonesia are peppered with interesting places to visit and spectacular things to see. From medieval Buddhist monuments to modern skyscrapers, from towering statues to fiery volcanoes and dazzling heritage; the archipelago is a constellation of wonders that’s just waiting to be explored. Jans Tours will help you chart a course and find your perfect combination of history, nature, culture and wonder. All that’s left is to feast your eyes!

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